Now – November 30th

Winner announced 1st week in December!


Three years ago, I had a student who was interested in talking about cheese during a live lesson. As a joke I asked him to send me a picture of a cheese sculpture since he was so interested in it. To my surprise he sent me an image of a cheese face. I was so amused and fascinated by the work, I thought it would be fun to see what my other students would come up with, when faced with the same assignment. So I decided to hold a contest to see who can come up with the craziest and most original piece of FOOD ART!!!! It was so much fun and such a success, I’m going to do it again this year!!!

So here’s the rules kiddies……

- You must make an original 2D or 3D work of art, using only food products. CAN NOT be a painting or drawing of food. MUST be made from food.

It can NOT be a cake or food item you decorate with sprinkles …. MUST BE a person, place, or thing. You want to create something out of food, DO NOT take a picture of your dinner and send me that! haha.

The food products can include anything: chocolate, cheese, fruit, etc. Pretty much whatever is in the fridge or cupboard!

You may use glue or toothpicks to hold pieces of your food together. Other good “food glue” you can use is honey, peanut butter, marshmallow.

You may have help from your Learning Coaches.

- You must send me a picture, .JPG image file through WEBMAIL only. JPG means, just send me the image, DO NOT put that image into a word document or anything like that.  Make sure it is titled with your FULL NAME on it. Send to: Krista Hurst (secondary art teacher).

How do I take a picture? You can use a camera or camera phone to take the picture of your food art, make sure the picture is not blurry. Ask your learning coach to help you upload it to the computer and send to me through webmail.

- I must receive it by November 30th!!

All work will be posted on Mrs. Hurst’s Art Page, Blog. The winner will be announced the first week in December.


Same as all extra credit – this is OPTIONAL.

Will receive 50 extra credit points for MRS HURST’S CLASS ONLY  (must be able to see a great effort put forth in the artwork!)

WINNER!!!!  (voted by teachers) Will receive 100 extra credit points!!!

The extra credit will be added as a  portfolio (however this is not in place of any quizzes or portfolios…so don’t ask!!!)

This is ONLY for ART 7 students in Mrs. Hurst class.

So have fun and get creative!!!!

Mrs. Hurst

Check out this Food Art Website for Ideas:

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